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A. Mukonin
General director of LLC "Smolensk Gemological center"
As a result of the tests - all imitations of diamonds, different types of synthetic polished diamonds and treated diamonds were separated by the detector from natural diamonds without additional treatment.
We conclude that at present time the detector for the identification of diamonds "ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR" can be considered as one of the best devices on the market and recommended for use in jewelry enterprises, businesses engaged in the purchase of diamonds and diamond treatment, jewelry shops and gemological laboratories.
Vladimir Aust
CEO of the Di El [DL] company, Yekaterinburg
Given the rising problem of adulteration, an instrument such as ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR comes in extremely useful. The instrument is a great help; it is smart. We've been using it since May, and have already succeeded in identifying a number of batches adulterated with refined or lab-grown diamonds. We will certainly drop the suppliers of those batches. By using ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR, we improve public awareness of gemstone authenticity. Many buyers of diamond jewellery know nothing about labgrown diamonds and are very surprised when we discover them in their items using ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR. Before acquiring this detector, we used the services of gemmological laboratories in Moscow. It took a lot of time. Now we can do a test promptly without being dependent on anybody.
Svetlana Troitskaya
Member of the National Gemmological Association
ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR is after all a desktop instrument; it is unable to tell you everything about a gemstone. But it will make authentication much easier whether you use it on an individual gemstone or a piece of jewellery. Sometimes further testing may be needed, and the instrument will warn you about it. For example, the detector identifies a diamond as IIa. Such gemstones occur naturally, but can also be grown in a laboratory.
I'm using ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR in my teaching activities - we studying with students the
properties of diamonds and their identification. One of its main advantages is the use of three
identification methods. Previously, I would have needed three devices to study the stone. Because the analysis of diamonds is multistage, and one method is not enough.