Diamond Inspector

Diamond Inspector

Diamond tester

ALROSA Diamond Inspector is the unique portable diamond detector on the market. It designed to identify natural origin of polished diamonds using three analytical methods.
optical methods for analyzing diamonds in one device
years of natural diamonds mining by ALROSA,
hundreds of millions of carats
years of experience in research and synthesis of novel and superhard carbon materials in the institute TISNCM


ALROSA Diamond Inspector - portable diamond detector.
Just one button.
Time saving
Less than a minute to analyze.
Clear and accurate result.
Check cut diamonds, including jewelry: diamonds in rings, earrings and other types of jewelry.
ALROSA Diamond Inspector - portable diamond detector.


Maximum result reliability
ALROSA Diamond Inspector uses three optical methods of diamond analysis. Most portable devices use only 1 method. Even heavy and expensive laboratory benchtop devices use 1-2 methods.

Result quality was proved by tests on various collections of natural, synthetic, enhanced diamonds and simulants.

ALROSA Diamond Inspector was developed jointly by the world's largest by volumes natural diamond mining company ALROSA (PJSC) and a scientific institute TISNCM. TISNCM specializes in R&D of superhard and novel carbon materials for technical application including HPHT- and CVD-diamond synthesis.

A great deal of expert experience, scientific knowledge and effort were put into the creation of a device to protect the market of natural diamonds.

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    Ample technical capabilities of analysis
    ALROSA Diamond Inspector detects colorless and near-colorless* polished:
    • True natural diamonds.
    • Enhanced/man-treated natural diamonds**.
    • Non-diamond imitations, including moissanites, cubic zirconia, rhine-stone/rock-crystal, spinel, amethyst etc.
    • Synthetic diamonds grown by HPHT or CVD methods (further lab-testing needed***).

    Stones could have various cutting shapes**** and carat weight ranging from 0.03 to 10 carats.

    * — near-colorless relates only to yellow color D-K and doesn't relate to blue, green, pink and other low-intensive colors;
    ** — this result is almost 100% evidence of laboratory processing (ennobling) of diamonds (only in very rare cases, natural diamonds could be slightly ennobled by nature (not man));
    ***- some rare natural diamonds (less than 1.5-2%) could have the same optical properties as CVD, HPHT-synthetic diamonds. A set of expensive lab-equipment could define the authenticity of diamond with 100% level of confidence;
    **** —the device is designed for the analysis of diamonds, the shape of which has a flat facet with a circular area of more than 1.5 mm in diameter (more than 3.2 mm2).
      Test stones in jewelry
      Test stones in rings, earrings and other types of jewelry*****

      Convenient holders are included in the kit

      ***** — metal parts of jewelry shouldn't interfere to lean diamond's flat area to the inspection slot back to back.
        Intelligent and user friendly
        Less than a minute per test to get the result of the analysis.

        Criterions and algorithms applied were developed by the means of scientific expert knowledge and machine learning (neural networks, fuzzy logic.).

        With ALROSA Diamond Inspector you will be able to check the authenticity of diamonds without having expert knowledge.

        The result displayed by ALROSA Diamond Inspector aggregates automatically the results of 3 analytical methods of analysis. Whereas if you use a set of 3 separate analytical appliances you should make the decision by yourself relying on your subjective opinion and the results generated by 3 separate laboratory appliances.
          Functional and Ergonomic
          The device can be used in:
          • jewelry shops,
          • pawn shops,
          • online jewelry stores,
          • offices,
          • gemological laboratories,
          • on business trips,
          • at business transactions.
          Beneficial price/quality ratio
          ALROSA Diamond Inspector price is substantially lower than that of a set of lab equipment using the same three optical methods.

          Patented innovative solution makes price benefit.
          Portable and autonomous
          You may choose ALROSA Diamond Inspector with metal or plastic frame. The net weight (net) of the device is:
          • 3.1 kg in metal case;
          • 1.8 kg in plastic case.

          ALROSA Diamond Inspector doesn't need the Internet connection or a computer.

          It can be powered by power adapter or power bank.
          Sustainable and safe
          ALROSA Diamond Inspector is reliable and safe to use, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates.

          It doesn't need any special care.
          Manufacturer's warranty
          The device is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

          At the request of the client, a contract for post-warranty service can be concluded.
          In case of purchase of the ALROSA Diamond Inspector device in the Russian Federation delivery of the order is carried out from a warehouse in Moscow.

          If the ALROSA Diamond Inspector device is purchased outside the Russian Federation (all countries of the world), delivery of the order is made to the airport terminal in Moscow.
          Technical support
          Advice on device usage you can get by mail to:


          ALROSA Diamond Inspector - portable diamond tester.
          Customers and Partners
          Customer reviews
          Vladimir Aust
          CEO of the Di El [DL] company, Yekaterinburg
          Given the rising problem of adulteration, an instrument such as ALROSA Diamond Inspector comes in extremely useful. The instrument is a great help; it is smart. We've been using it since May, and have already succeeded in identifying a number of batches adulterated with refined or lab-grown diamonds. We will certainly drop the suppliers of those batches. By using ALROSA Diamond Inspector, we improve public awareness of gemstone authenticity. Many buyers of diamond jewellery know nothing about labgrown diamonds and are very surprised when we discover them in their items using ALROSA Diamond Inspector. Before acquiring this detector, we used the services of gemmological laboratories in Moscow. It took a lot of time. Now we can do a test promptly without being dependent on anybody.
          Svetlana Troitskaya
          Member of the National Gemmological Association
          ALROSA Diamond Inspector is after all a desktop instrument; it is unable to tell you everything about a gemstone. But it will make authentication much easier whether you use it on an individual gemstone or a piece of jewellery. Sometimes further testing may be needed, and the instrument will warn you about it. For example, the detector identifies a diamond as IIa. Such gemstones occur naturally, but can also be grown in a laboratory.
          I'm using ALROSA Diamond Inspector in my teaching activities - we studying with students the
          properties of diamonds and their identification. One of its main advantages is the use of three
          identification methods. Previously, I would have needed three devices to study the stone. Because the analysis of diamonds is multistage, and one method is not enough.

          Questions and answers

          1. Which size of the diamonds can be checked by ALROSA Diamond Inspector?
          The diamond size may vary from 0.03 to 10 carats.
          2. What is the shape of the cut diamonds determines by the device ALROSA Diamond Inspector?
          The device identifies diamonds with traditional cutting shapes, such as round 57-facet, marquise, pear, oval, heart and others.
          3. What colors, shades of diamonds can be tested by the ADI detector?
          ALROSA Diamond Inspector is designed to identify colorless and near-colorless polished diamonds and diamonds in jewelry. Possible colors vary from D to J according to GIA scale. The term "near-colorless" can be applied only to yellow diamonds within the range between D and K. It cannot be applied to blue, green, pink and other low intensity colors.
          4. Does ALROSA Diamond Inspector detect natural or synthetic diamond?
          ALROSA Diamond Inspector detects:
          • True natural diamonds;
          • Enhanced/man-treated natural diamonds;
          • Non-diamond imitations, including: moissanites, cubic zirconia, rhine-stone/rock-crystal, spinel, amethyst etc;
          • Synthetic diamonds grown by HPHT or CVD methods.
          5. Can I check the stones in jewelry?
          The device detects stones both individually and diamonds in jewelry.
          6. Is it possible to measure rough diamonds using ALROSA Diamonds Inspector?
          The device detects only cut diamonds, including diamonds in jewelry.
          7. Is it possible to use the ALROSA Diamond Inspector device "in the field", that is, at exhibitions, on business trips and at business meetings?
          The device is compact, mobile and easy to use. You can use an external battery to connect the device in travelling.
          8. What is included in the package when purchasing the device?
          The Device Kit includes: ALROSA Diamond Inspector, CD-ROM with manual, power adapter, power cable, mechanical holder, packaging with plastic material that can be used as a holder. The device is supplied in a durable, convenient case.



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