ALROSA Diamond Inspector
helps you to:

  • invest in true natural diamonds (loose and studded in jewelry)
  • avoid bad deals with fake diamonds
  • be confident of your diamond stock and your diamond products
  • show your customers products with verified diamonds
  • defend your Business Reputation on the jewelry market




The difference between natural diamonds
and synthetic lab-grown diamonds is significant:


First difference is saving&investment value contrast


Natural diamonds

The per carat price for natural diamonds is increasing in long run.

According to statistics (source: from 1960 to 2016 the price for natural diamonds grow up 11,5 times – 4,5% compound annual growth rate.

Main positive factors for strengthening diamond price:

  • Global population, economy and welfare growth;
  • Global lack of new diamond deposits;
  • Global depletion of diamond reserves;
  • Growing middle classes of the main diamond consuming countries (US, India, China).

Synthetic lab-grown diamonds

Conversely, the per carat price for synthetic diamonds is rapidly declining.

Main factors for price decrease of synthetic diamonds are:

  • Continuous improvements in lab-grown diamond synthesis technologies HPHT and CVD leading to reduction of production cost of lab-grown diamonds;
  • Increasing availability of equipment for lab-grown diamond synthesis;
  • Common Illiteracy of diamond consumers in the issues of natural vs lab-grown diamonds difference;
  • PR-activity of lab-grown diamond producers creating a fragmentary picture of lab-grown diamonds (with limited announcing about lab-grown diamonds disadvantages).

In long run there is a strong trend to gain money investing in natural diamonds and a strong trend
to lose money purchasing lab-grown diamonds.




Second difference are physical
and chemical distinctive features

Natural diamonds

Natural diamonds were formed for millions of years by the chemical and physical reactions deep inside the Earth. Thence, the combinations of nitrogen in the lattice of natural diamond could not been created by man.

The mechanical properties of natural diamonds are attractive for producers of diamond instruments (instruments made solely from synthetic diamonds have shorter lifespan)

Synthetic lab-grown diamonds

Synthetic lab-grown diamonds available on the market are created in a few days or a few weeks in the laboratory. Such stones have different picture of growth lines in comparison to natural diamonds.

Chemical catalysts are used to speed the growth process of synthetic diamonds. So by the means of laboratory equipment you can find chemical elements like Fe (iron), Ni (nickel), Co (Cobalt) etc. in such chemical state that is inherent for lab-grown diamonds and extrinsical for natural diamonds.

By the use of expensive laboratory equipment (for example optical) every synthetic diamond could be distinctively defined with 100% of confidence level as synthetic/lab-grown. The man still is not able to properly re-construct natural diamond. But even experienced gemologist with standard gemological loupe and some simple equipment (like simple $2000 ultraviolet gem tester) can’t make a reliable assessment of natural diamond authenticity – it will be only a subjective assessment of human who has a limited experience.



The third difference is emotional value

Natural diamonds

Natural diamonds have million-year history.

  • Natural diamonds are hard to find, hard to mine, hard to extract – all these stages implement high-tech like superconducting quantum interference devices for geophysics, X-ray transmission technologies, remote controlled equipment, big data, virtual and augmented reality etc.
  • Thousands of specialists take part to bring natural diamonds from Earth to market. Natural diamonds have a million-year history.
  • Each natural diamond has unique characteristics – it’s hard to find similar and impossible to find a copy of natural diamond.

Synthetic lab-grown diamonds

  • Synthetic diamonds are grown relatively easy and quick at the labs or factories (from days to weeks).
  • There is a market of equipment for HPHT- or CVD-growth of diamonds. So any enthusiast could try to grow lab-created diamonds with low investment ($9 mln investments for production volumes of 100 000 carat per year);
  • In order to grow synthetic diamonds a few specialists are needed;
  • Synthetic diamond are grown from a diamond seed (HPHT-technology) or a diamond plate (CVD-technology). Synthetic diamond copies could be made by the means of HPHT or CVD-technology.

All collaborative effort of Earth and human results in a strong emotional value and energy of a true natural diamond. In comparison, synthetic lab-grown diamond is of low emotional value.



The difference between natural diamonds and man-treated/enhanced diamonds:

If the natural diamond is man-treated, such stone could been identified by the means of laboratory equipment with 100% level of confidence as man-treated diamond.

If you have purchased a diamond and discovered afterwards that it was man-treated, such diamond has lost a significant part of its price because it was made from the natural diamond that was much cheaper and from now it will be sold not as a natural diamond but as a man-treated.

If your customer will discover that he has purchased undisclosed enhanced diamond from your shop, there will be a public and financial strike for your business reputation.

Avoid undisclosed man-treated diamonds because it could be dangerous for your reputation and finance



ALROSA Diamond Inspector is a mini-laboratory for complex optical test of polished natural diamonds authenticity to be used by jewelry shops, pawn shops and gemologists

ALROSA Diamond Inspector is the only portable diamond detector on the market designed to identify natural origin of polished diamonds using three analytical methods.



Buy ALROSA Diamond Inspector
and receive all capabilities mentioned below:

Maximum result reliability

  • ALROSA Diamond Inspector uses three optical methods of diamond analysis. Most portable devices use only 1 method. Even heavy and expensive laboratory benchtop devices use 1-2 methods.
  • Result quality was proved by tests on various collections of natural, synthetic, enhanced diamonds and simulants.
  • A great deal of expert experience, scientific knowledge and effort were put into the device. ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR was developed jointly by the world’s largest by volumes natural diamond mining company ALROSA (PJSC) and a scientific institute TISNCM. TISNCM specializes in R&D of superhard and novel carbon materials for technical application including HPHT- and CVD-diamond synthesis.

Ample technical capabilities of analysis

ALROSA Diamond Inspector detects colorless and near-colorless* polished:

  • True natural diamonds.
  • Enhanced/man-treated natural diamonds**.
  • Non-diamond imitations, including moissanites, cubic zirconia, rhine-stone/rock-crystal, spinel, amethyst etc.
  • Synthetic diamonds grown by HPHT or CVD methods (further lab-testing needed***).

Stones could have various cutting shapes**** and carat weight ranging from 0.03 to 10 carats

Test stones in jewelry

  • Test stones in rings, earrings and other types of jewelry*****
  • Convenient holders are included in the kit

Beneficial price/quality ratio

  • ALROSA Diamond Inspector price is substantially lower than that of a set of lab equipment using the same three optical methods.
  • Patented innovative solution makes price benefit.

Intelligent and user friendly

  • Less than a minute per test – the duration of the analysis could vary depending on the stone.
  • Criterions and algorithms applied were developed by the means of scientific expert knowledge and machine learning (neural networks, fuzzy logic.);
  • With the help of ALROSA Diamond Inspector and no expert knowledge of your own you can check if your diamond is real, natural and untreated.
  • The result displayed by ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR aggregates automatically the results of all 3 optical methods and gives you a clear unified result. Whereas if you use a set of 3 separate analytical appliances you should make the decision by yourself relying on your subjective opinion and discrepant results generated by 3 separate appliances.

Portable and autonomous

The overall dimensions of ALROSA Diamond Inspector are:

You may choose ALROSA Diamond Inspector with metal or plastic frame. The net weight of the device is:

  • 3.1 kg with metal frame
  • 1.8 kg with plastic frame

ALROSA Diamond Inspector doesn’t need the Internet connection or a computer.
It can be powered by power adapter or power bank.

Functional and Ergonomic

The device can be used in:

  • jewelry shops,
  • pawn shops,
  • online jewelry stores,
  • offices,
  • gemological laboratories,
  • on business trips,
  • at business transactions.

Sustainable and safe

  • ALROSA Diamond Inspector is reliable and safe to use.
  • It doesn’t need any special care.

Manufacturer’s warranty

  • A manufacturer warranty for 1 year is provided for each device.
  • You may purchase additional warranty before your current warranty will expire.



* — near-colorless relates only to yellow color D-K and doesn’t relate to blue, green, pink and other low-intensive colors;
** — in very rare cases natural diamonds could have been slightly enhanced by nature (not by man). There is no laboratory equipment that will define with 100% level of confidence that such rare stones were enhanced by nature. So one enhanced stone is traded like enhanced stone no matter how it was treated – by man or by nature;
***- some rare natural diamonds could have the same optical properties as CVD, HPHT-synthetic diamonds. A set of expensive lab-equipment could define the authenticity of diamond with 100% level of confidence.
**** — The device is intended only for working with diamonds and imitations that have a diamond cut with a table/flat face of different form that has a round flat area with diameter 1,5 mm or larger (approximately 3,2 mm2 or larger).
***** — metal parts of jewelry shouldn’t interfere to lean diamond’s flat area to the inspection slot back to back.



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ALROSA Diamond Inspector in Hong Kong

On 10 December ALROSA Technology presented ALROSA Diamond Inspector in Hong Kong.

ALROSA Diamond Inspector in Dongguan (China)

On 8-9 December 2017 ALROSA Technology will demonstrate the latest version of ALROSA Diamond Inspector at the China (Dongguan) International Science&Technology Cooperation Week in Dongguan. Web-site of the Exhibition: